Source Documents

The supplier should have a completed paying-in slip stub/counterfoil in the paying-in book, showing the payment of the check into the bank. Sometimes, checks are not honored by the customer’s bank (i.e., they are dishonored). It is not normal in business for Acme to then issue a receipt for the cash received if it was in response to an invoice. Acme will enter the payment against the amount owed by Maiden, leaving nothing outstanding, and will pay the check into the bank. The invoice sets out the goods or services provided, gives the name and address of the purchaser and supplier, states the amount due , and normally gives a date or time limit for payment.

Source Documents

After the PO is approved, the vendor will begin the order fulfillment process and return an invoice. In most circumstances, photocopies of are legally acceptable. Note that the purchase order and dispatch note are not records from which accounting transactions should be entered. In addition to a source documents invoice, there are many other forms that this evidence might take. A time card supports the issuance of a paycheck or electronic payment to an employee. If employee hours are being billed to customers, then it also supports the creation of customer invoices.

Source Documents (in Accounting): Why Are They Important?

Primary sources expose students to multiple perspectives on significant issues of the past and present. In analyzing primary sources, students move from concrete observations and facts to questioning and making inferences about the materials. Interacting with primary sources engages students in asking questions, evaluating information, making inferences, and developing reasoned explanations and interpretations of events and issues. Primary sources are the raw materials of history — original documents and objects that were created at the time under study. They are different from secondary sources, accounts that retell, analyze, or interpret events, usually at a distance of time or place. As a small business owner, it’s critical that you’re involved in the financial management of your business.

Source Documents

A good source document should describe the basic facts of the transaction such as the date, the amount, the purpose, and all parties involved in the transaction. Just as there are different Source Documents for personal finances and business, there are specific source documents for accounting. These documents not only show that an economic transaction took place, but they also prove a business rendered goods or services. In accounting, we categorize these two types of source documents as either internal or external. A source document is an original document, such as an invoice or a canceled check, which contains essential details that will either support or substantiate a transaction.

How Long to Keep Source Documents?

They can also be used as evidence for an audit or for tax preparation. While these records may be physically filed away as paperwork, in many cases they will be electronic with a timestamp and date for reference. Previously, businesses stored such a document as a physical hard copy. That said, they may store these documents electronically with a date and timestamp for reference.

Source Documents

In accounting, a “source document” refers to any document that substantiates and evidences a transaction. It’s important to retain and organize these documents to research problems or questions that arise concerning transactions. You also might need to provide these to the IRS if it audits you or questions anything related to your tax return.


Source documents can be used to serve as tangible evidence of this data and serve as a point of reference for the bookkeeping procedure. The article gives an overview of what are accounting source documents and what are their goals, content, and examples. Invoicing is an important process in accounting, and it is essential that invoices are accurate and timely to ensure that the financial statements are correct and that customers are billed correctly. Eliminate time spent navigating lengthy PDFs containing multiple source documents.

  • Once a transaction has been journalized, the source document should be filed and made retrievable so that transactions can be verified should the need arise at a later date.
  • It’s important to record any information that’s generated through source documents in either your company’s journal, accounting software, or financial books.
  • The cash pay in slip is used by the customer when making cash payment and the slip provides options for recording the cash in a systematic manner based on the currency denominations.
  • Clario Source Document Manager allows you to digitally transform how you manage and organize source documents for clinical trials.

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